Our Kids and Teens Group Fitness programs are formulated to improve Fitness, Self-esteem and Nutrition awareness for children 5+. Trainer/s will teach students the many benefits of eating healthier foods from our 5 food groups. Information will be sent home to the parents for each child so the entire family can benefit from the information learned.

Students will gain awareness of how important it is to look after their bodies with good food and regular exercise for life, improving self-esteem and confidence.

We demonstrate how much Fun Fitness can be through various activities. Learning how regular exercise will make them feel better and happier.

Each session is customised and age appropriate to keep your children motivated and entertained. ​All sessions are team based to ensure children cannot fail. Being non-competitive for everyone, enables all children to feel comfortable, learn new skills and have lots of fun!


Teens strength and conditioning designed for teens who want to improve their sporting ability, power and cardiovascular fitness. Specializing in functional movements, flexibility and core strength.  Feeling stronger in body and mind. Sessions are designed and run by qualified Personal Trainers in fully equipped fitness studios.

ALL Abilities

All Abilities Fitness and Well-being programs are designed and run by qualified Personal Trainers in fully equipped, wheelchair friendly, fitness studios. Our passionate team are dedicated to help improve self-esteem, general happiness and overall wellbeing  to all children. We provide services to children who may need a little more sparkle and TLC in their lives. Trainers have extensive experience working with children and adults with additional needs and disabilities.

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